How Can You Help?

During the holidays our phones ring off the hook with offers to help. We really appreciate it because we know that we cannot feed those in need alone – we need the help of our neighbors and friends.

We have created a short YouTube video so you can see who we are helping. It only takes a minute to watch.  Small Changes CAN Make a Difference.

The best way to help us would be with a food-less food drive. How many times have you been invited to a food drive and forgotten to bring your canned goods? It happens a lot. Food banks get donations of expired food, food their clients don’t typically eat, or too much of a particular item. We have to sort the food, dispose of the expired food, store it and then bag it for our clients. We are taking a different route this year and encouraging people to hold a food-less food drive.

Still want to go the traditional route? We never say no to food. Please contact us if you are planning a food drive so we can support you and arrange for a pick up, if necessary. Unfortunately, right now we have a shortage of donation bins but that never stops us – you can always put the food into boxes. It makes it easier to carry and transport. You can even have a contest about decorating the box to fit your organization.

We find we are always in need of:  Cereal | Peanut Butter & Jelly | Tuna Fish


The Bling Fund

In July we received a beautiful card with a donation from a Franklin Township woman who promised herself that she would match what she spent in Botox treatments so others could eat. Botox is expensive and we received a $500 donation from her.

blingIn August we received another check from her “Gold Fund.” As styles go, she is no longer into the big gold chains from the ’80s and sold the outdated jewelry that she didn’t wear. Her 1980s fashion choices netted us another $500 donation.

We enjoying receiving her notes with her donations to find out what new funds she has started. More importantly, she has made the choice to give up vanity items so her neighbors could eat. What a great idea!

What would you be willing to give up to help your neighbors? We’d love to hear from you.

Update:  Our Bling Lady went to Vegas. Apparently, some of what happens in Vegas still stays in Vegas but … Our Bling Lady never plays the slots. On her last night in Vegas she played Ghostbusters. Ca-Ching!!! She won $130 and rounded it up to $150 so others could eat. Thanks Bling Lady!!! We love hearing from you.




We are in Thanksgiving mode. We’ll post our upcoming events for January shortly.



The Birthday Cake

birthday cakeBirthdays are a big deal to kids (and even adults!). You might have a party at Chuckie Cheese, a sporting venue, or maybe even at home. Regardless of the location and the guest list – it always includes birthday cake.

For many of our clients, birthday parties, much less cake, aren’t in the budget. Imagine choosing between paying the electric bill or having a birthday party? It’s a tough decision because no one wants their child to have to miss out on some of life’s simplest pleasures such as birthday parties or even cake.

One day a client came in with her child for their food package. Linda, who works the Check-In window, noticed on the computer that it was the little girl’s birthday. The Food Bank happened to have received a donation of birthday cakes that day. One was a beautiful cake with white icing and pink balloons on it. Linda asked the mother if she would like a birthday cake. Tears welled up in her eyes as she accepted the cake. The little girl’s face shown with glee as if candles had been lit on the cake because for this birthday she was going to be like the other kids and celebrate with cake!

Sometimes it is the simpliest things in life that can make all of the difference, especially in the life of a child.


What happens after the food gets home? 

Check out an article written by our roving guest reporter, Ayush Mukherjee.

The Franklin Township Food Bank provides food and assistance to people in need in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. We address the needs of Franklin Township residents who require an emergency supply of food, and to do so at no cost to them. We are acting as a conduit between those who have food and/or funds to spare and share, and those who need help to put more food on their table than they can currently afford to purchase themselves. Together we CAN feed those in need!