Registration is easy and you will receive food the same day you register.

  • Clients complete a simple Registration Form for their household.
  • We require that you provide identification for ALL members in your household.
    • You only need to bring this information when you register or re-register.
    • Food packages are based on family size.
  • Commodity Food is funded through a Federal grant. You might qualify for this extra food if:
    • You receive any type of government assistance (TANF, SNAP, SSI, WIC, or Medicaid).
      • Don’t forget to bring the Award Letter to show us. That is the letter from the government agency that tells you have much money you will be receiving.
    • Low-Income category. Check this USDA Eligibility Guide to see if you and your household qualify. You must bring a pay stub from your employer or the State of NJ, Unemployment Office.
    • If you have a Disaster such as domestic violence, sudden unemployment, loss of government assistance, etc.
  • You only have to go through this process when you register for the first time and during our annual registration process.

Client Intake Window:

  • Every time you come to the Food Bank for food, you will show your identification at the Client Intake Window.
    • Your record will be looked up on the computer to verify your family size, whether or not you receive Commodity food, and if you have a regular or extra visit available.
  • You must sign for your food.

food drive clipartClient Services Window:

  • After you have signed for your food, you will be given a shopping cart. Go to the next window, Client Services Window, and hand them the slip of paper identifying your family size and whether or not you receive commodity food.
  • You will be handed your groceries.

Additional Items:

  • If available, you might be able to select a baked good such as cookies or cake.
  • You will be given produce, if available.
  • You will select bread (one of each type), if available. The amount of bread varies based on availability.

You may take the shopping cart to your car. Please return it promptly to the Food Bank as others are waiting to use it. Shopping carts may not be taken from the premises for any reason.

Annual Registration:

All clients are required to Re-Register annually. The process for our annual registration is the same as above. Annual registration takes place in January each year. Please remember to bring the necessary identification.