From individuals, to small groups to large corporations, anyone can participate in a virtual food drive. You can join our virtual food drive or you can start your own. Every virtual food drive will receive its own fundraising page that everyone, including all of your donors and contacts, are encouraged to share with their networks. Don’t let your food drive be the best kept secret in town – share it via your social media, on your website, with flyers, etc.


Show your clients that you are a good neighbor. We will provide a running total of our top 5 teams on our website. Put a link on your website during your virtual food drive and encourage your clients and visitors to your website to participate. While you’re at it, see if your firm offers matching gifts for the donations – a great way to double your contribution!

Don’t forget your Matching Gifts. You AND your employer can double your donation!

Hey Teachers – This is a Lesson on Philanthropyicon-school

It is never too early to teach your children to share with others less fortunate. This is a great lesson for your school-aged children (or older ones). It is safe because they aren’t soliciting donations from people they don’t know. Change for Hunger is a program we have developed to teach children various money denominations, while also teaching them philanthropy. For our older children, we also can provide some statistics on poverty and hunger and the impact it can have on a community.

icon-community-serviceCommunity Service Hours

Community service doesn’t only have to be performed at a physical location. Put your social media skills to good use and get the word out about your virtual food drive. Every hour that you invest in promoting your group’s virtual food drive counts toward community service. Gather facts about hunger or ask us and we’ll provide them to you. Your virtual food drive will go farther than the doors of the grocery store or school cafeteria.

icon-interfaithHouses of Worship

Instead of passing the plate at service, why not just ask your congregants to join your virtual food drive. Don’t forget to remind them to ask their employers about matching gifts to double their donation.

 Don’t forget your Matching Gifts. You AND your employer can double your donation!

wrapped-presentsCelebrating a Special Event?

What are you celebrating? Is it a birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby, new job, promotion, new home? Whatever it is, commemorate that special moment or accomplishment and use it to raise funds to support something that makes a difference – ending hunger.

Turn Unhealthy into Healthy

scaleDid you quit smoking? The $8 a pack that you would normally spend could feed a family for a couple of days. Are you on a diet? For every pound you lose, donate $10 to feed a family. Did the doctor tell you to exercise? For every mile you walk, donate $10. Not only are you doing something to help yourself lead a healthy life but you are also providing your neighbor with something as vital as food.

hands heartDo You Want to Pay Tribute to a Loved One?

A great way to pay tribute to someone you loved and lost is to take care of someone else who is struggling. Conduct your virtual food drive and the Food Bank will send a letter to the family of the person you are paying tribute to letting them know you made a donation.

Bling Fundbling-shoe

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? When you get a manicure, massage, or even Botox why not take care of someone who is struggling at the same time? Call it your “Bling Fund” and encourage your friends to participate.