joanMeet Joan. Joan would volunteer periodically when she had a job in retail but could never really commit to anything long term due to her work schedule. Unfortunately Joan lost her job. Instead of just sitting home, Joan would look for jobs in the morning and then volunteer at the Food Bank in the afternoon. Although entitled to her unemployment check, Joan felt rewarded working by giving back while looking for permanent employment. Fortunately, Joan found a permanent job that allows her to volunteer one day a week. Joan loves volunteering here so much that she has encouraged her husband and new coworker to join her when they can.

When asked why she volunteers here, Joan said, “I love giving back to the community. Working here makes me appreciate what I have. Sometimes I can even put a smile on someone’s face!”

You’ll see Joan on Tuesdays in the lobby always with a huge smile on her face.

If you have a few hours to spare, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Ellen Zimmerman.